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10 Best Floral Wedding Invitation Cards

KL2046S1L Floral Wedding Invitation Card

Wedding Invitation is the first official impression that your guest receives from you about the grand ceremony that will be organized at your wedding. So, obviously, this must be as fancy and charming as your wedding and also matched with the new digital printing era.

Out of many modern designs schemes, floral wedding invitation designs are very much popular in these days. We are sharing some of our best sellers and trending floral design digitally printed wedding invitation as below:

1. Blurred and shadow floral wedding invitation design

One of our best sellers and trending wedding invitation designs include a simple blurred flower design with the shadows of the flower behind it giving the design a 3-D look. The cards come with 2 matching inserts where you can write your personalized content related to the wedding ceremony. A matching envelope is included in this beautifully designed card set which also has space for a headline, greeting or any personalized content.

2. Seamless watercolor painting style floral wedding invitation design

A vibrant watercolor combination wedding invitation card which reflects the vibrant feeling of happiness involved in the events organized in the wedding ceremony. The design prompt receiving guests to feel special and eventually attend the ceremony with pleasure.

3. Pastel color floral wedding invitation design

A simple and elegant pastel color floral design is the best design suits equally well with all types of events organized in a marriage ceremony. The pastel color effect is so beautiful that it matches almost all wedding fonts suggested by us.

4. Full of contrast floral outline wedding invitation design

If you like a high contrast color scheme, check this floral design wedding invitation. This design highlights some flowers with full colors and some with just a vibrant outline along with a royal styled highlighting space. Wedding wording in dark blue and maroon color will be best suited for this design.

5. Customized photo frame traditional floral wedding invitation design

If you want a traditional Indian wedding design invitation, this wedding card will be perfect for your choice. The design emphasizes the seamless floral design with space highlighting a wedding couple photo and couple name in its front. The wedding wording in a dark maroon or orange color will match this card.

6. Artistic watercolor floral wedding invitation design

Another artistic watercolor painting scheme wedding invitation card with simple highlighting royal styled frame in the center. This design incorporates traditional Indian style with a modern floral pattern. It will be equally liked by receiving guests of all ages.

7. Stylish peacock feather wedding invitation design

Many Hindu customers asked us for semi-traditional design with some modern elements in it. And we reply back to them with this design. They eventually opt for this as this design features peacock feather (morpankh) which symbolizes the blessing of Lord Krishna.

8. Beautiful floral frame wedding invitation design

A unique floral design with many different color schemes involved is great for a couple who wants a simple yet elegant design theme for their wedding invitation. This card highlights the beautiful big circular frame which can be filled with a large and strong personalized content.

9. Unique floral heart wedding invitation design

A hard to find unique wedding invitation design featuring a loving heart made with the floral elements. The design is perfect for a couple who want a highly distinguished and unique design wedding card.

10. Vibrant color leaves pattern floral wedding invitation design

This design features the permanent etching of the wedding couple’s initials in the wood of solid tree trunk. It symbolizes the strong love and strong affection between the couple during the journey of whole life. A design with a strong love message is perfect for inviting the guest.


A wedding invitation must be selected according to the personality of the couple, the mindset of families and receiving guests, the theme of your wedding. The floral designs are equally liked by people of all age groups. That’s why they are popular these days. We hope that you really like our selection of floral designed wedding invitations. Please comment on giving us feedback and more ideas.

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