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Discover these professional Hindu Wedding Invitation Wordings

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Wedding invitation wording is the most important characteristic of the wedding invitation. Its content is of supreme importance as it serves the main purpose of giving wedding invitation to your guests overall. The Hindu wedding invitation wording, also known as shadi card matter in Hindi is the most prominent content among Indian wedding invitation wording. It contains various important details like the mention of wedding program details, their timings, and venue in sequence along with beautiful religious symbols and traditional Hindu shlokas or Hindu mantra’s.

As experienced wedding invitation designers at Kalash Cards fulfills numerous requests of their every customer demands, we would like to show below some of the Hindu wedding wording designed by us:

1. Siddharth & Surbhi Wedding Invitation Wording

Check this nice contemporary Hindu wedding invitation wording designed for our customer’s Indian wedding card. The wedding card matter starts with Hindu religion lord Ganesha’s symbol, followed by traditional Hindu shloka. Then it mentions a modern wedding quote, followed by the family’s name and the couple’s name. The second insert wedding wording follows a similar design along with the details of the program like date, time and venue.

siddharth weds surbhi 1 min7050685692068776426.
Siddharth & Surbhi Insert 1
siddharth weds surbhi 2 min6900771490521577159.
Siddharth & Surbhi Insert 2

2. Pranay & Riddhima Wedding Invitation Wording

This Indian wedding invitation wording starts with a ring ceremony program mentioning the couple’s name, ring ceremony event date, time and venue on the first wedding invitation insert. The second wedding invitation insert provides details about the main wedding ceremony along with family details and RSVP details.

pranay weds riddhima 1 min3615989516476862948.
Pranay & Riddhima Insert 1
pranay weds riddhima 2 min8497078445375503466.
Pranay & Riddhima Insert 2

3. Namrata & Rajat Wedding Invitation Wording

This Indian wedding invitation wording starts with the mention of the engagement ceremony event details on the first wedding invitation insert. The second wedding invitation insert informs the receiving guest about the wedding ceremony. The major attractive feature of this wedding card matter is that it contains a decorative traditional frame design around the written content.

namrata weds rajat 3 min7355769389325671609.
Namrata & Rajat Insert 1
namrata weds rajat 4 min20229413535056738.
Namrata & Rajat Insert 2

4. Namrata & Rajat Wedding Invitation Wording Again

This wedding invitation wording is the same as above wedding card matter with just a single difference of the different frame designs from above. As you can notice, the couple wants two different wedding invitation wording design for different guests.

namrata weds rajat 2 min196479898708329357.
Namrata & Rajat Insert 3
namrata weds rajat 1 min5054586380367642478.
Namrata & Rajat Insert 4

5. Aditi & Nilesh Wedding Invitation Wording

Another great wedding invitation wording with a good selection of beautiful wedding fonts. This wedding invitation wording highlights the wedding sangeet ceremony celebrated as per Hindu traditional wedding, followed by wedding ceremony program details.

aditi weds nilesh 1 min4737680301972033929.
Aditi & Nilesh Insert 1
aditi weds nilesh 3 min4532774153439807502.
Aditi & Nilesh Insert 2
aditi weds nilesh 2 min6983730534249716944.
Aditi & Nilesh Insert 3


I hope you get a better understanding of wedding invitations by these great Hindu wedding card matter designed especially by us for our customers as per their demands and requirements.

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