Guide to write the perfect Wedding Cards Wording

Wedding Invitations are a very important part of your special day in life that’s “Your Wedding”. After deciding the perfect design suitable for inviting guests to your wedding, the work only left is deciding the wording for printing on marriage card inserts. Below are the tips, which might be helpful to finalize the wedding wording:

  • Start every wording with a religious symbol like Lord Ganesha for Hindu wording, Lord Mahaveer for Jain wording, Lord Buddha for Buddhist wording, Bismillah for Muslim wording, etc.
  • Succeed your wording with religious shlok or religious tagline.
  • Mention the catchy heading including the names of seniors like grandfather and grandmother of groom/bride.
  • Follow with couple names, which is shown to inviting guests.
  • Mention the wedding programmes, functions for different ceremonies
  • Mention the timings of different events for each programme.
  • Mention the venue of each programme or ceremonies to be held.

These tips will help you format the perfect and catchy wording for your royal wedding invitations.

You can check out customized wedding cards insert design for referencing different wedding invitation template printing matter and content.

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