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Wedding invitation cards are the most important step in planning wedding ceremonies. Its the cruicial step to invite the guest to your wedding. The wedding invitations can be made by distributing wedding cards, wedding boxes or e-card. As the wedding invitation is important step, the decision of perfect invitation card is equally very important. The quality of designs and material for wedding invitations plays an important role for the status of grand events in wedding ceremonies. The following types of wedding cards helps in deciding the best suited invitations for your marriage.

Types of Wedding Invitation Cards

Traditional Religion based Wedding Cards

These are well suited and perfect wedding invites for guest with liberal thinking, who are not familiar with modern technology. The invitations will give great impression on every receipents, whether they are old thinking guest or a modern young guest. They are mostly preffered in inviting guests to wedding ceremonies because these cards targets a single community. You can find many wedding cards sorted in different religious categories like Hindu Wedding Invites, Muslim Wedding Invites, Sikh Wedding Invites, Christian Wedding Invites and Interfaith Wedding Invites.

Modern Funky Designed Wedding Cards

Everyone wants his or her marriage ceremony to be a unique events so that it will be remembered by the family members and attending guest in their life. So the unique wedding planning should start with the unique and out of the box wedding invitations. Modern wedding invitations designs fulfil these requirements by having out of the box designs, which may highlights couple photo, animated couple design or any other funky element which makes it different.  

Fabric Wedding Cards

Fabric wedding invitations are elegant and luxurious category of wedding invitation cards and are preffered to invite rich and high class guests to the gala ceremonies programmes of wedding. The invites are generally very simple and traditional, repesenting simplicity as simplicity is the key to success. The fabric for invitations has been used by the time where king/queens are used to send royal invitations for inviting guests or some royal announcements in written forms. Check our Fabric Wedding Cards Collection.

Laser Cut Wedding Cards

These are the newset trending wedding invitations cards which are famous for precise cutting on a designer sheet of paper. These category of wedding invitations falls in between traditional and modern invitations and are equally liked by the rich and budget class guests for thier invites to the wedding ceremonies. These cards are light weight so they can can be easily parcel to their original receipents.