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Hindu Wedding Cards

Hindu wedding cards, commonly known as as shadi cards in India, are used to invite special guest to the grand and gala wedding ceremonies. We at Kalash Cards offers variety of Marriage Cards designed specially for hindu traditions, values and rituals. The cards offered by us consist of high quality material, unique and tradional designs, luxurious fancy prints and affordable price range.

Importance and Benefits of Hindu Marriage Invitations

Unique Hindu Wedding Cards as the First Impression

Any great wedding ceremony and programme is said to be complete if the special guests are involved at the time of special event. But inviting guests to different programmes and ceremonies is a tedious work and its not as easy as sending sms or whatsapp messages to guest and think that they will come by reading those messages. You have to give special treatments to the guest during the invitation. That's where Kalash Cards excels in its performance. We designs unique and elegant wedding invitations, so that every guest  feels special upon receiving the invites.

Hindu Wedding Cards as Social Connecting Message

Marriage itself is an blissful event of love, affection, joy and prosperity. It's an event of social connection and togetherness. Think of a question how many times you meet these many different people present at same events. Probably, it's someone else's wedding event. To inviting these loved people at one time event of your life, you have to give special treatments to the guests. Just mass sending SMS or whatsapp image will not serve the pupose of inviting guests. It will just lead to be ignored by those guest as these platforms don't have that special treatment involved. At Kalash Cards, we understand this logic deeply in our roots and design our cards to be truly providing the special treatments to your guests.

Important things to keep in mind while selecting Hindu Wedding Cards

Various aspect of marriage cards must be kept in mind during the selection process. Following are the some tips:

  • Design Aspect: Does your guest will favour modern and unique design over tradional designs or traditional designs will be best suited for inviting your guests.
  • Quality Aspect: If you need to parcel the invites, then light weight invites are the great match for your requirement. If you prefer distributing invitation cards by your hand, then you should prefer hardboard inviations cards.
  • Price Aspect: The wedding itself is an expensive event and it must be, as it's a one time special moment of the life to be remembered by many of the guests. So, the invitations to these events must correlate with different budget aspect of your wedding.