Muslim Invitations are also well known as walima cards, which are used to invite special guests to ritual and sacred ceremonies of nikah. These events are so holy, which concerning guests remember throughout their life. Every marriage starts with an invitation to guest and those guests complete the marriage event.

Importance of Invitation Cards for Walima Ceremonies

Every marriage ceremony starts with the relationships we build in our life. Marriage itself is a unique event of life when two souls become one for the rest of life. It’s a social event blessed with love, affection, and joy. To make this social moment unforgetful, the guests you love the most should be present. And inviting these guests is a tedious process. Therefore, we at Kalash Cards offers the handpicked wedding cards suitable for various events of marriage. The walima cards received by the guest serves as the first impression of your wedding to be held. So, It’s very important to select suitable marriage cards for wedding events.

Consider you are planning to give a grand and royal party to the special guest at the wedding ceremonies. You planned everything right for every moment but distribute poor invitations for inviting guests for the grand event. Though the wedding event will be magnificent, the final result will be that fewer guests will come in the event, just due to the fact that the invitation to the wedding was not properly selected, which would convince the guests to come.

We at Kalash Cards have the experience of over 20 years in wedding cards business. We understand the need for walima cards for sending to the guests. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Traditional Design according to your locale of invited guests are the important feature of walima cards.
  • Good Quality products are also as important as the design aspect of the wedding card.
  • Printing Matter Content makes your walima card distinguished from other’s wedding invites.
  • High-Quality Print makes your selected card unique.

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