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KL2019S1L Paper Wedding Invitation Card (Pack of 50)


(₹100/Pcs. without Print)
(7.5 x 7.5 inch, 65g)

Sikh Wedding Cards

A Sikh wedding ceremony, also known as Anand Karaj, means “blissful union.” This name is very fitting, as Sikh weddings are full of joy and excitement. The ceremony features traditional attire for the bride and groom and is full of music and dancing. After the ceremony, the newlyweds share a meal with their guests. Sikh Weddings are an opportunity for friends and family to get together and celebrate the union between two persons. It is a time of love and joy. The bride and groom exchange vows in front of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the holy book of Sikhs. They walk around the holy book four times, also known as four laav or laava phere, symbolizing their commitment to each other. Then, they sit on the stage in front of all their guests. The Anand Karaj ceremony is an extraordinary moment for both the couple getting married and their loved ones watching them exchange vows. It is a time to rejoice in the love and start new beginnings packed with happiness!

Punjabi weddings are vibrant and joyous occasions that bring families and close relatives together to celebrate the happy union of two people. A Sikh wedding is an exceptional occasion, and as such, it deserves a suitable invitation card that reflects the event’s theme to invite the special guests to a grand celebration. So if you’re planning a Sikh wedding, choose an invitation card that captures the spirit of this beautiful event. Kalash Cards offers a vast collection of impressive Punjabi Wedding Cards suitable for Sikh Weddings. With so much to look forward to, your guests will be genuinely excited to receive their invitations!

A typical Sikh wedding has many functions. Sometimes, they are spread over several days or even weeks. A pre-wedding function can include a Roka Ceremony, Engagement or Ring Ceremony (Sagai), Mehendi Ceremony and Cocktail Ceremony. In contrast, a reception function is usually organized after the Anand Karaj’s (Wedding). Kalash Cards offers designs suitable for every Sikh wedding ceremony with the option of a variable quantity of Inserts required. For example, a pack of 200 wedding cards consists of 400 inserts. We offer to organize these 400 inserts in specified quantities like 200 inserts required for the wedding ceremony, 100 required for Mehendi Ceremony & 100 inserts required for Cocktail Ceremony.

At Kalash Cards, we understand the importance of designing an ideal Punjabi wedding invitation. It sets the tone for your big day by being the first thing guests see. You should ensure that your invitations are beautiful. There are a few things to keep in mind when designing your invitations. 

  • First, you want to ensure the design represents you and your fiance as a couple. It means choosing a design that reflects your style and taste. Vibrant colours are an integral part of any Punjabi wedding. Choose a colour scheme that reflects your big day’s happy, festive atmosphere.
  • Second, you want to ensure the invitations are legible and easy to read. 
  • Third, you want to choose an appropriate size for the invitations. I shouldn’t be too small but also not too large.
  • Fourth, you check the cards for the right amount of postage weight.
  • Fifth, you want to use high-quality materials so that your invitations look professional and elegant.

For a hassle-free Punjabi wedding card design, look no further than Kalash Cards! Our professional designers will work with you 1-1 to create the perfect card for your special day. We can include traditional motifs like Ek Onkar, Mehendi logos, ring logos, and cocktail logos, as well as the best printing fonts from the wedding industry to ensure your wording is precise and matches the overall look of your wedding cards. You can also visit our curated Punjabi wedding cards matters section to get more assistance. It will give you accurate world guidance on designing Sikh wedding cards matter.