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Create your Wedding Website

Purchasing Wedding Website

Buy our regular wedding website package to host your wedding website. The package provides a website hosting at available domain inside at Forget about purchasing domain, then hire developer to create your wedding website, where you can just purchase this package, give some details and your wedding website is ready.

Wedding Website Benefits

Check the hosted beautiful wedding website of other couples, which can serve as the template of your dream wedding website. The wedding website can display following information:

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Events Highlights
  • Selected Wedding Photos
  • Main Wedding Video
  • And much more…

Guidelines and Requirements

The following details are required before hosting your wedding website:

  • Your wedding invitation details are needed before creating wedding website. Some details include couple name, important dates, venue and family details, religious and love quotes are required for wedding invitation. It’s a better practice that you write a rough content on paper, so that it would be easy to finalize the content before hand.
  • Medium quality photos and videos should be prepared and uploaded for sharing with us. We prefer that you make a album in google photos and upload the required photos and share the album with google photos account with kalashcards707[at]gmail[dot]com email id. We will get the photos directly from your google photos album.
  • Any other background color details required.
  • As the website load time might adversely affected from uploaded photos, the photo quality uploaded on website will be medium and the maximum number of photos depends upon the quality of photo being uploaded as more number of photos will increase the website load time and also adversely affect the server.We make sure your website will be loaded as fast possible.
  • The wedding website will be created from using templates and it’s not possible to have full screen website as our platform currently not support it. We always try to understand and fulfil the requirements, but it’s always not possible to implement anything which our platform doesn’t support it.

Wedding Website Portfolio

It’s always great to check out other customer’s wedding website to get the idea from it and update with your idea. Check the wedding website portfolio of Kalash Cards.


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